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Uglyography Explodes from Silence with Triple Album Release, Chess Riots!

After a relatively long and quiet spell, Uglyography is EXPLODING!!

November 4, 2023 marked our TRIPLE ALBUM RELEASE! Stream or download all three albums NOW and enjoy!

We have a 13 track album that is completely about the game of chess, Benjamin Blundercheck  & The Poisoned Pawn.  Check out the video for BLUNDERCHECK!  There is a whole website dedicated to the CHESS RIOT.  Check it all out!

The second album is a variety of original Uglyography material that spans 2006 - 2023 and never made it on to other albums.  Some of the material is new.  Hits and Misses is sure to be a fun listen for fans of quirkadelic rock!

The third album is 13 tracks of cover tunes ranging from Billy Joel to Grateful Dead to Fred Rogers... and BEYOND.  Masterpiece standards have been rearranged to our liking on Quirkadelic Radio, which will be a digital only release.

We are celebrating the triple release with TWO SHOWS!  The first show is the Album Release Chess Riot at the Hampton History Museum.  Nov. 4, 2023.  11am - 5:00 pm  ALL THE INFO HERE.  Benjamin Blundercheck & the Poisoned Pawn will perform between rounds of chess! All three albums will be available streaming platforms November 4.

Uglyography will perform an evening of music November 25 at The White Oaks Lodge.  We will perform old and new originals and covers from the albums plus the Chess Rock album in its entirety!  There will be a casual blitz tournament alongside the show.  ALL THE INFO HERE

Uglyography returns as a duo!

The new Uglyography show will blow your mind, or at least nudge it.  Sam McDonald and Matt Thomas team up as a duo along with a brand new visual stage show that adds an extra dimenstion to state-of-the-art quirkadelica. 

What do we ask of you as an audience?  Watch, listen, think, laugh, cry?? Have a beer, or whiskey or soda or milk, sing along, get excited, use the bathroom, dance, sit down.  You know, stuff.


What can you expect from us as performers?  Nothing.  Keep your expectations low and we may just surprise you..  

Upcoming Show Dates

Norfolk Taphouse
April 12, 2024
With Spirit Gun & Others
8 PM - More Info TBA!


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