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About Uglyography

Bzzzzzzz. Bleeeep. Whirrrrrr. Initiating musical infiltration and quirkification sequence.


Sequence complete.

Standing the test of time in the 757, Uglyography hails from Hampton VA as a two piece quirkadelic rock band with a quest to bring a new type of sonic and visual bliss to audiences far and wide. Founded by Matthew Thomas in 2005, the outfit has released four albums, toured the East Coast multiple times, and continues to search for new magical combinations between musical frequencies and audience eardrums. Borrowing influences from synth driven quirk acts such as They Might Be Giants and Ween, Uglyography blends touches of punk rock and 80's weirdness to convey its off-kilter messages and left-field humor. Sam McDonald completes the duo with chops on both bass and guitar, while Thomas alternates between bass and his iWood Quirkatronic, a self-built iPhone powered synthesizer that bears slight resemblance to a keytar. Paired with visual projections and a one-of-a-kind stage show, you never know exactly what to expect when Uglyography takes the stage in YOUR town!

Matt Thomas

A pioneer of countless off-kilter musical landscapes, Matt is also the father of the iWood Quirkatronic, a keytar-like instrument powered by a smartphone and bearing a slight resemblance to a TV tray. In the current lineup of Uglyography, Matt also plays bass guitar and sings. Uglyography’s mastermind, he’s been plugging, caressing and flogging his unique, brain-bending rock vision since 2005. Matt previously performed locally with the Outer Loop among other cabals of punky miscreants in southeastern Virginia

Guitar stringbender extraordinaire and Quirkadelic™ riff master supreme, Sam was a longtime fan and supporter of Uglyography long before being inducted into its ranks. After years of secretly sharpening his axe skills, he burst forth and started chopping with Uglyography in 2016. When Matt straps on his Quirkatronic, Sam picks up the bass and keeps the low end blasting. He also lends a punky touch to the band’s music with his wailing, adenoidal backing vocals. Sam previously chronicled the ups and downs of the Hampton Roads music scene as columnist for the Daily Press in Newport News, Virginia.

Sam McDonald
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